Alverde facial toner with marine algae

This is another BDIH certified Alverde product that I own. It also has another certification, the Vegan one, which means that all the ingredients of the product come from veggie origins. 🙂

It’s a facial liquid of the colour of tea, or some natural concoction, and on the bottom of the bottle you can even see tiny fragments of plants, which is kind of cute, I think. Ah, and these bits occasionally get on your pads, just so you know 🙂

Anyway, it smells like plants too, and it contains mainly vegetal things and alcohol. The alcohol comes in handy this time, as it is a facial toner for mixed-oily skins.

Now, about the effect on sebuum excess. Well, there’s no much of an effect. It cleans the skin momentaneously, but I didn’t see much improving on the long-term. And I do have a mixed skin with problems.

Another feeling that I get when using this product is… hard to explain, like there is some sugar in it too. It dries pretty slowly and leaves the skin… not feeling so fresh. This must also be because it is natural and made of plants.

Anyway, taking my personal case, the last months, since using onlyAlverde products and respecting the clean-tone-hydrate trinity, I have seen some improvements in my facial activity. That is less zits and black dots, a clearer skin. Therefore I do recommend it, under the reserve of the above mentioned.

You can find it in the DM shops around Europe for 1,5 euros.


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