Alverde make-up remover cream with wildrose

This creamy make-up remover has a cool delicate rose smell that stays on your face for quite a while, unless you use some other products afterwards. I generally like it pretty much, I think it does a good job in cleaning the make-up, buuut… there are some downsides with it, as with almost all products. It contains alcohol, and after cleaning the face, it leaves it a bit dry, as if it were a 2-in-1 make-up remover and facial tonic. This is quite bad for the eyes too, because I don’t feel it on the spot, but it can’t be too good to rub your eyes with alcohol every day. Not to mention the fact that it is supposed to be meant for sensitive skin.

I find it a bit weird that they had to introduce alcohol in it, but it might be because being a natural product, they couldn’t add any chemical preservatives.

It does well in cleaning the mascara and the whole lot of foundation I use. It has BDIH certification, and you can find it for about 2 euros in all the DM stores in Europe.

It’s a good product taking into account the price/quality ratio, but bear in mind the alcohol and slight dryness if you want to use it!


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  1. Al verde it’s good choice!


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