Alverde Shower Gel Mandarin Vanilla

This was the first rather natural shower gel I tried, and as much as I was a bit surprised on the rather negative side, in the end I got used to it and now I really like it!

So, the quite unusual aspects are: the Mandarin Vanilla Alverde Shower Gel doesn’t produce any foam, as it lacks the SLS harming ingredients and it has a jelly like aspect. It doesn’t offer the same cleanliness feeling like regular shower gels, but that is just an impression we get, because it actually cleans very well, even the more stubborn antiperspirants’ white marks.

I do feel the need to use a pretty big quantity though, and the product doesn’t last for so long, somewhere around one week for a whole family. It doesn’t offer any hydration, but maybe it’s too much to expect from a natural shower gel. Nevertheless it doesn’t leave the skin dry at all, just normal.

Now, for the good parts: it smells great, cookie like, and it has the BDIH certification, so it’s a natural product. The smell doesn’t last at all, but for the 1,5 euros it costs, this shower gel is a really nice one!


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