Alverde Sensitive Shampoo – Birch & Sage

This shampoo is one of the best I have ever tried. I am on my third bottle now, and I am going to buy a new one for sure. The shampoo is for sensitive skin and scalp with problems, and it works really good for me which I have this problems. It calms my skins for about three days, removing the itches.

The smell of this shampoo is really herbal, plants like, very natural. It is BDIH and Vegan certified, it does not contain Silicone, but yet, while washing it produces foam and it is very easy to rinse off until the hair remains completely clean. It is almost transparent, almost in the colours of white tea.

Now, after washing, my hair sometimes looks great for some days, while other times it lacks volume right from the second day. This is a strange thing, especially since I always dry it naturally, so it is subject to the same treatment. I do not know, I guess we have good and bad hair days no matter what 🙂

I still haven’t tried the conditioner from the same range, because my hair becomes greasy very fast. If I will try it I will definitely let you know.

So to sum up, I got rid of dandruff and itches with this natural shampoo and this for only 1,50 Euros. My hair smells nice, it is shiny and looks healthy.

I would call that a good deal! What about you?


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