Alverde Hand Cream with Cranberry and Vitamins

Ok, this right here is a veery strange product. I’ve had this hand cream about one year ago, I don’t know where it finished and I’m not very keen on looking for it, either. If I remember well it was a Limited edition so I’m not sure whether you will see it in the DM stores again.

This is among the few Alverde products where you notice that it is made of natural ingredients, the results and application experience sometimes have to suffer and the BDIH certification doesn’t count so much anymore..

Its texture is very liquidy and the cranberry smell is really strong. Apart from that it has alcohol!! amid the ingredients, which is incomprehensible to me for  a hand cream. I also remember that the alcohol was listed second on the ingredients list, so the alcohol content is really high; maybe the alcohol also enhances the smell and that is why it was so disturbingly strong.

In addition to this it had some hard particles as if it were a scrub, which I do not see the purpose of… After applying the cream there were some white marks on the skin, and as  much as the cream was watery, it penetrated the skin really slowly leaving them a bit sticky for some good 10-20 minutes.

I have to mention the good parts too, the cream was really good at hydration and treating my cracked and dry hands, after applying it  a few times.
I was really generous and patient with this cream, but it didn’t really work! 🙂


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