Alverde Liquid Soap with Lavender & Cornflower

I bought this liquid soap a week ago and my family really likes it. Since it is in the bathroom for the use of all,the aspects and opinions that I describe as follows, come from all my family members, which are three+ me.

The Alverde Liquid Soap with Lavender & Cornflower looks like a colorless gel. It does smell of lavender and pretty strong I might add, the smell is not delicate at all. This is how I imagine the smell of the real lavender flower, raw, as it comes right off the field. On the other hand I do not know the smell of the cornflower, so I couldn’t say if it’s present in this liquid soap.

Now, for the most important feature, the soap is delicate to the skin and it gives a nice feeling while washing. Afterwards the hands feel smooth and hydrated for about half an hour. I think it washes really well too, removing the foundation residues or some bad odours.

The product has both the BDIH and Vegan certification, it has 300 ml and costs, of course, around 1,5 euros.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it holds on pretty well, in the sense that we have been using it for a week in four people and we have used only about 1/10 of the product.

There are not many things to say about this product, it is easy to describe and to use it. Another nice touch from Alverde!

Later edit (28.12.2010): A month later, after using this liquid soap intensely we still have a bit of it, everybody loves it and we are really satisfied with the product. I warmly recommend it!!


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  1. și eu am săpunul ăsta și îmi place mirosul, e așa interesant și intens.
    PS: săpunurile solide de la alverde le-ai încercat?! Ți-l recomand pe cel de olive+ încă ceva și unul de grapefruit.


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