Alverde Washing Emulsion with Calendula

This is a very delicate face washing  emulsion, fit to persons who do not have problems with their complexion and want a silky wash.

The texture is nice but a bit too liquidy, I think. It cleans the make up pretty well, there’s not much left of the foundation or eye shadow after washing my face with this Alverde emulsion. Mixed with water, the product goes away very quickly and I don’t get to rub the face really well, maybe I should apply more.

Unfortunately it does not clean very well my stubborn Alverde Mascara, which I reviewed some days ago. When having the mascara on, some light black circles remain around my eyes and I have to insist with some almond oil afterwards to get rid of all the residue.

This washing lotion with Calendula is for any type of skin and this shows because it does not clean profoundly my greasy and clogged pores. On the other hand it doesn’t say it would, so we can not blame it 🙂 I use it with a face brush anyway, that does the trick and the face stays really clean.

The smell is also delicate, creamy and not strong at all, just a bit of Calendula and a bit milky.

This product does an average job in cleaning the make-up and I would recommend it to a normal to sensitive skin, because it is not very powerful.

It holds the BDIH certification and it contains alcohol, listed very high actually, third on the ingredients’ list. Awkwardly enough, there is no smell of alcohol in the product and no dryness of the skin afterwards, so it must be really well-balanced by the other ingredients.

I would rate it an 7,50/10. If this is good enough for you to pay 1,5 euros, then I recommend it! 🙂


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