Alverde Foam Bath with Plums and Cinnamon

I will start with the end for this review, because it really got to me: perfect product!

This foam bath has a divine smell of..plums šŸ˜› Never thought plums can smell so glamorous and sensual. The smell is simply great. I can not tell if the cinnamon is there too, but for the first time in an Alverde product the smell is very intense, and stays on the skin for a good while after coming out of the tub.

Also, unlike other Alverde bath products, this foam bath with plums and cinnamon offers a truly aromatherapy experience, because the smell is sooo strong while taking the bath.

The consistency is not so jelly like as most of the Alverde shower gels, it’s closer to what we’re used to feel in a shower gel, and it does produces foam. A lot of foam. O used it both in a long bath and for short showers, and no matter the type of usage, the effects are there: great smell, foam, soft skin afterwards.

Even with this great smell, the Alverde foam bath with plums and cinnamon has the Vegan and certifications, it has 300 ml and costs 3,50 euros.

I recommend it and I will grab one or two bottles more, before the winter ends and it disappears off the shelves.


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