Alverde Mattifying Cream with Pearls

This cream, which belongs to the “Aqua” range, is destined to normal to mixed skin. Alverde presents it as a 3 in 1 product: mattifying, moisturising and beautifying (??) of the complexion.

Now let’s see is it does at least one of the three 😉 Ok, I’m being bad now, it does perform pretty well actually.

The cream is very good at mattifying in my opinion, I use it as a base for the foundation usually, and it keeps the oil away from my skin for a whole stressful day, taking into account that without a base I’m shiny as a Christmas tree within an hour from applying the foundation.

It has a nice milky and deep smell, which doesn’t go away too fast either. Don’t expect it to have a pearly shade because it looks like your average cream, maybe just the smell leads me thinking of a pearl, in a strange way.

I think it does hydrate the skin too, but not so much. My skin even if mixed, is sensitive and sometimes becomes very dry and this cream is definitely not sufficiently rehydrating. Apart from that, I do not know what they meant by this skin improving (beautifying)… I do not see any effect of the sort.

The price is 2,5 euros and the cream holds the BDIH certification.

I do not use the Alverde Mattifying Cream regularly as a hydrating product, but I do warmly recommend you to apply it before the foundation if you have a mixed skin! It will work, trust me! 🙂


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