Why do I like Alverde?

Alverde is one of the few brands on Earth that I am really enthusiastic about! I discovered it only one year ago and since then I have been the best consumer ever 🙂
I think I have purchased an average of one product per week, which leads us to a total of around 50 pieces of Alverde thingies I own or have owned recently.
Now, I have serious reasons for liking Alverde, it’s not just pure dumb enthusiasm: I like the fact that they do not advertise, I think this is one of the reasons why they can offer such incredibly good prices.
I like the ingredients, I am very happy with the natural certifications and I am really fond of the natural smells, that sometimes are not so flashy and appealing, but that is nature and it works for me.
I like the diversity of the Alverde products, of course more would be more than welcome…
I really like the make-up, ’cause you can not see so cheap BDIH certified make-up elsewhere, for sure!
I like the fact that sometimes they blew it. Some of their products are just not working. Ok, I can accept that.
I loove the Limited Editions. Are there any other brands that launch Limited Editions so often? And I enjoy the fact that one type of product will be available for just a tiny amount of time.
I like the fact that it is a modest brand. There’s no much fuss about it, no million euros invested in advertising.
Of course, I love the ingredients and the feeling of purity of the products.
And what I enjoy most is that Alverde surprises me every time I try a new product of theirs!


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