Alverde Shower gel with Grapefruit and Bamboo

Ladies and gents I present you one of the stars of the Alverde shower gel collection! This product right here is one of the most appreciated by the consumers, as far as I have seen on forums, blogs and websites.

The grapefruit bamboo  shower gel  smells great, of orange-grapefruit, it is very fresh and so is the feeling while showering.

Its consistency is not so jelly-like as most of Alverde’s shower gels,  it’s almost a normal one, a viscous fluid. This might seem like good news, but there is a reason for that: this product just holds the Vegan certification, and when looking at the ingredients list we find some of the ingredients that you find in your average supermarket product, like Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

However the product has received the ÖKO-TEST “sehr gut” label, which means it is a very good product according to this German certification authority.

Apart from these technical details, the Alverde Shower gel with Grapefruit and Bamboo does smell great, it feels nice while washing,  leaving a sensation of freshness. I think it dries the skin a bit on the other hand, or in any case I do not feel that it moisturizes it AT ALL.

The smell doesn’t persist on the skin after going out of the shower but your morals are a bit higher so you feel like applying some body oil or butter 😉

The product is ok for the  1, 5 euros it costs, but I have seen better and healthier Alverde shower gels!


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