Alverde Body Butter

This little buddy has been my Christmas gift from my best friend and since then we have become inseparable.

It is the only body butter produced by Alverde and it is one remarkable product, it’s a pity they do not offer us several assortments. The main ingredients are the Karite Butter and Macadamia Nuts, but there are also Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Sweet Almond oil amid the ingredients.

As you can see in the second picture the texture is not so thick as one would expect from the body butters, it is very supple and aerated, more like a thick cream. It is however thick enough not to fall when you turn the jar upside down, and this is relevant too. Another thing that I particularly appreciate about this body butter is that it penetrates the skin very fast, leaving no oily film on the skin surface. You can put your clothes on almost instantaneously and you’re good to go!

This product has some really enjoyable features, and it became fast my favourite Alverde product. It has a GREAT nut cookie smell, the smell is not heavy, and it stays on the skin without making you sick from all the sweetness.

But what is more remarkable about it, as I said in the be beginning, is that it’s really, really hydrating, being for very dry skin. It has hydrated my skin leaving it soft for days to come. I actually received compliments on how soft my skin is, it was great!

I most definitely love this product, it’s a great success from Alverde, great effects, great smell, great price (4 euros) and great ingredients (it holds the BDIH and Vegan certifications).

This Alverde Body Butter with Karite Butter and Macadamia Nuts is money well spent and I recommend it with all my heart!


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