Alverde Face Tonic Clear with Pink Clay

 This is the second facial toner that I am using from Alverde and I have been using it for  a month already.

What striked me with the first use of the product was its colour, as you can see in the second picture. The pink clay is really there, but you have to shake the bottle before using it, because the clay, being heavier tends to settle on the bottom of the bottle.

The product has a very intense smell, it actually contains perfume, which I do not like. The smell is nice, but too intense for a facial toner, which I want to be pure and respect my skin. I think it cleans the skin pretty well, I can see residue on the cotton pad after using it, even if it is difficult to tell it apart from the actual colour of the toner. 🙂

The ingredients are nice, a lot of natural extracts, like Bilberry extract, Lemon and Orange extract, as well as clay. The alcohol is present too, being the second in the ingredients list. Another ingredient that I find strange intersting is the maple sugar. I have no idea why they would put sugar in a facial toner, but I do know that it has some weird effect on my skin. As explained in the review for my Alverde toner with algae there is a strange feeling of sticky and sugary that these toners leave on the face. And now I think we found the culprit in the presence of this maple syrup. I do not feel my face really clean, squickly fresh or purified, as I would need for my mixed skin with problems. As for the long term effects, I have  a very difficult skin with many problems, and I did not see any improvements from using the Alverde Face Tonic with pink clay. And the product is actually for blemished skin.

The product, even if it has a and Vegan certification, and costs around 2,5 euros, didn’t really convince me. It doesn’t offer that freshness sensation that I look for in a toner, and I’m not going to buy it again.


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