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Alverde Shower gel with Grapefruit and Bamboo

Ladies and gents I present you one of the stars of the Alverde shower gel collection! This product right here is one of the most appreciated by the consumers, as far as I have seen on forums, blogs and websites.

The grapefruit bamboo  shower gel  smells great, of orange-grapefruit, it is very fresh and so is the feeling while showering.

Its consistency is not so jelly-like as most of Alverde’s shower gels,  it’s almost a normal one, a viscous fluid. This might seem like good news, but there is a reason for that: this product just holds the Vegan certification, and when looking at the ingredients list we find some of the ingredients that you find in your average supermarket product, like Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

However the product has received the ÖKO-TEST “sehr gut” label, which means it is a very good product according to this German certification authority.

Apart from these technical details, the Alverde Shower gel with Grapefruit and Bamboo does smell great, it feels nice while washing,  leaving a sensation of freshness. I think it dries the skin a bit on the other hand, or in any case I do not feel that it moisturizes it AT ALL.

The smell doesn’t persist on the skin after going out of the shower but your morals are a bit higher so you feel like applying some body oil or butter 😉

The product is ok for the  1, 5 euros it costs, but I have seen better and healthier Alverde shower gels!


Alverde Foam Bath with Plums and Cinnamon

I will start with the end for this review, because it really got to me: perfect product!

This foam bath has a divine smell of..plums 😛 Never thought plums can smell so glamorous and sensual. The smell is simply great. I can not tell if the cinnamon is there too, but for the first time in an Alverde product the smell is very intense, and stays on the skin for a good while after coming out of the tub.

Also, unlike other Alverde bath products, this foam bath with plums and cinnamon offers a truly aromatherapy experience, because the smell is sooo strong while taking the bath.

The consistency is not so jelly like as most of the Alverde shower gels, it’s closer to what we’re used to feel in a shower gel, and it does produces foam. A lot of foam. O used it both in a long bath and for short showers, and no matter the type of usage, the effects are there: great smell, foam, soft skin afterwards.

Even with this great smell, the Alverde foam bath with plums and cinnamon has the Vegan and certifications, it has 300 ml and costs 3,50 euros.

I recommend it and I will grab one or two bottles more, before the winter ends and it disappears off the shelves.

Alverde Liquid Soap with Lavender & Cornflower

I bought this liquid soap a week ago and my family really likes it. Since it is in the bathroom for the use of all,the aspects and opinions that I describe as follows, come from all my family members, which are three+ me.

The Alverde Liquid Soap with Lavender & Cornflower looks like a colorless gel. It does smell of lavender and pretty strong I might add, the smell is not delicate at all. This is how I imagine the smell of the real lavender flower, raw, as it comes right off the field. On the other hand I do not know the smell of the cornflower, so I couldn’t say if it’s present in this liquid soap.

Now, for the most important feature, the soap is delicate to the skin and it gives a nice feeling while washing. Afterwards the hands feel smooth and hydrated for about half an hour. I think it washes really well too, removing the foundation residues or some bad odours.

The product has both the BDIH and Vegan certification, it has 300 ml and costs, of course, around 1,5 euros.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it holds on pretty well, in the sense that we have been using it for a week in four people and we have used only about 1/10 of the product.

There are not many things to say about this product, it is easy to describe and to use it. Another nice touch from Alverde!

Later edit (28.12.2010): A month later, after using this liquid soap intensely we still have a bit of it, everybody loves it and we are really satisfied with the product. I warmly recommend it!!

Alverde Shower Gel Mandarin Vanilla

This was the first rather natural shower gel I tried, and as much as I was a bit surprised on the rather negative side, in the end I got used to it and now I really like it!

So, the quite unusual aspects are: the Mandarin Vanilla Alverde Shower Gel doesn’t produce any foam, as it lacks the SLS harming ingredients and it has a jelly like aspect. It doesn’t offer the same cleanliness feeling like regular shower gels, but that is just an impression we get, because it actually cleans very well, even the more stubborn antiperspirants’ white marks.

I do feel the need to use a pretty big quantity though, and the product doesn’t last for so long, somewhere around one week for a whole family. It doesn’t offer any hydration, but maybe it’s too much to expect from a natural shower gel. Nevertheless it doesn’t leave the skin dry at all, just normal.

Now, for the good parts: it smells great, cookie like, and it has the BDIH certification, so it’s a natural product. The smell doesn’t last at all, but for the 1,5 euros it costs, this shower gel is a really nice one!