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Alverde Body Butter

This little buddy has been my Christmas gift from my best friend and since then we have become inseparable.

It is the only body butter produced by Alverde and it is one remarkable product, it’s a pity they do not offer us several assortments. The main ingredients are the Karite Butter and Macadamia Nuts, but there are also Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil and Sweet Almond oil amid the ingredients.

As you can see in the second picture the texture is not so thick as one would expect from the body butters, it is very supple and aerated, more like a thick cream. It is however thick enough not to fall when you turn the jar upside down, and this is relevant too. Another thing that I particularly appreciate about this body butter is that it penetrates the skin very fast, leaving no oily film on the skin surface. You can put your clothes on almost instantaneously and you’re good to go!

This product has some really enjoyable features, and it became fast my favourite Alverde product. It has a GREAT nut cookie smell, the smell is not heavy, and it stays on the skin without making you sick from all the sweetness.

But what is more remarkable about it, as I said in the be beginning, is that it’s really, really hydrating, being for very dry skin. It has hydrated my skin leaving it soft for days to come. I actually received compliments on how soft my skin is, it was great!

I most definitely love this product, it’s a great success from Alverde, great effects, great smell, great price (4 euros) and great ingredients (it holds the BDIH and Vegan certifications).

This Alverde Body Butter with Karite Butter and Macadamia Nuts is money well spent and I recommend it with all my heart!


Alverde Toothpaste 5 in 1

5 in 1! This sounds like a heck of a product, doesn’t it?

The five effects that this toothpaste supposedly offers, are: protection against cavities, freshening the breath, removing plaque, preventing Paradontosis and healing the gums. This toothpaste looks and smells just like a  normal one, that you can find in supermarkets but it has more natural ingredients among which Mint Oil, Chamomilla and Calendula Extract.

Of course the effects are difficultly evaluated and one can not tell after a month of usage (like I did) if it performs well in all these areas. However, there are things that I can be sure of: for one, it really gives freshness to the breath and the effect is nice, probably due to the mint extract it contains. Unfortunately the effect doesn’t last more than 10 minutes.

It also produces a delicate foam, not like your average toothpaste, a bit less. I do not have gums or Paradontosis problems, so I really can not speak for that, but I didn’t notice any removal of the plaque. 🙂

Apart from that this toothpaste is kind of neutral to me,  but there certainly are aspects that I dislike: it contains Fluoride and this is a very controversial ingredient, being suspected of being really toxic to the human body.

Furthermore, the price is pretty high, around 2,5 euros while normal toothpaste costs around 1,5 euros for a double quantity.

I am a bit undecided about this product, I acknowledge that it’s healthier (it also holds the Vegan and certifications) and offers a fresh breath, but it’s expensive and doesn’t strike me so much in usage or afterwards…

I guess it’s up to you if you try it, I salute Alverde’s initiative anyway, for going towards other areas of personal hygiene too!

Alverde Body Oil with Orange and Sandalwood

I am back with a review just fit for Christmas. We are talking about this body oil that enchants us with a fresh yet elegant smell of oranges.

It is a very liquidy and transparent oil, which can be found in a dark green glass bottle, that protects the properties of the natural oils it contains. Among the ingredients we can find some lovely: sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, corn oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and essential oils. The product is really natural, it holds the Vegan and BDIH certifications, and only costs around 4 euros.

The Alverde Body Oil with Orange and Sandalwood is very hydrating and the rehydration effect lasts for some days, leaving the skin soft and silky. As all the other Alverde oils, it penetrates the skin in about half an hour, so be ready to wait a bit, or apply it on a wet skin for a faster absorption.

The orange smell is very strong so you must really like orange, if you plan to apply this oil every other day or so. However, I do not feel any smell of sandalwood, which is a pity, because the sandalwood smell is very relaxing and gentle.

I find this to be a very good product and I really recommend it, just alternate it with other moisturizers from time to time, so you do not get bored with the smell! Enjoy!

Alverde Men Deodorant Spray

Hi everybody!

Today we have a very special review, and it is special for several reasons: first –  it is a men’s product. But do not worry, I will not give you irrelevant information, since another reason why today’s review is special, is because it is a double one. Mine and my boyfriend’s opinion about the product. This might sound strange but sometimes I use men’s products, I see no reasons why not… Especially the natural ones which are not really that different, just maybe stronger. In this particular case I thought stronger is even better but…

Let’s start with the basic info: never has a natural deodorant worked for me, as for my man this is the first natural deodorant he has ever used. I do not know why, but our opinions on this Alverde deodorant are totally opposite 🙂

So, my boyfriend loves the product! He has already purchased two or three of them and says he will go on. Even if he is working outdoors all day long, he is sporty and his daily activities are pretty demanding, he says that he feels no  awkward sweat smells and feels dry all day long. He is very happy with this deodorant and I am very happy too, that he is finally starting to use and like “greener” cosmetics.

As far as I have experienced, this deodorant is not efficient. It makes me sweat and … sorry… the smell is not great either. I do not understand what is it with me and natural deodorants, it seems they stimulate my sweat glands and make them even more active. Ok, I do not want to get yucky here, but this product unfortunately doesn’t work for me. It also had the bad luck of being used in pretty stressful days, but I do not give it much credit anyway.

Among the ingredients you can find mint, lemon and ginseng and when applying it the smell is fresh but a bit rough. The deodorant has a pump and it is not under pressure, being friendly to the ozone layer.

It has 75 ml, it has the and Vegan certification and it costs around 3 euros.

I am really undecided whether to recommend it or not, I guess for some people it works and for others it doesn’t.

If you want a natural, Aluminium free deodorant, feel free to try it and maybe let me know of your opinion! No matter if you are male or female 😉

Alverde Patchouli and Red Currant Body Oil

I must begin this review by saying that I am a fan of body oils. I have purchased and tried tenths of them before entering the BIO phase of my life. Now I mainly use Alverde and Weleda.

I know a good body oil when I see one, trust me on that! And this body oil is VERY GOOD! It has a divine smell of black currant that turns into patchouli a while after applying it on the skin. The smell is fresh, natural and very intense, and it stays on the skin for hours. When I apply it on my skin, the room smells great and all the family is delighted.

The oil is for any skin type and it hydrates really good, but as with all the Alverde body oils, you have to wait a bit before putting your clothes on. Its ingredients are all different types of oils and 3 other rather harmless substances: tocopherols, Linalool, Limonene. It has the  stamp and my favorite, the Vegan certification.

Another great thing about the Alverde Patchouli and Red Currant Body Oil is that it has a pump so you can dose it better and not spill it. The price is great as always with Alverde, just 4 euros.

I will keep buying this body oil, I really, really love it and I hope you will like it too!

Alverde Wild Rose Body Oil

This body oil came with high recommendations to me as one that smells heavenly and works like a charm.

The oil is really rehydrating but this comes with the downside that it penetrates the skin really slow, and you have to wait for half an hour to an hour until you can put your clothes on, because it does stain them. This process (penetrating the skin, not the staining 😛  ) is a bit faster if you apply the oil on a wet skin, but it doesn’t go much faster either. It really helps dry skin if you apply it every two days let’s say, and the hydration stays there.

The version that I have at home has a dripping tap that causes the product to leak on the bottle and on the floor. On the other hand I noticed that for the new batches of oils they use a pump, which makes the application much cleaner and hygienic.

One thing I do not like about the product is the smell.  It does smell of wild rose, it is very intense and it remains for hours. I find it too herby for my taste, but other tenths users have loved it so this aspect is really subjective and a matter of tastes.

The Alverde Wild Rose Body Oil costs around 3,7 euros and you can find it in every DM store.

Let me know what you think!