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Alverde Face Tonic Clear with Pink Clay

 This is the second facial toner that I am using from Alverde and I have been using it for  a month already.

What striked me with the first use of the product was its colour, as you can see in the second picture. The pink clay is really there, but you have to shake the bottle before using it, because the clay, being heavier tends to settle on the bottom of the bottle.

The product has a very intense smell, it actually contains perfume, which I do not like. The smell is nice, but too intense for a facial toner, which I want to be pure and respect my skin. I think it cleans the skin pretty well, I can see residue on the cotton pad after using it, even if it is difficult to tell it apart from the actual colour of the toner. 🙂

The ingredients are nice, a lot of natural extracts, like Bilberry extract, Lemon and Orange extract, as well as clay. The alcohol is present too, being the second in the ingredients list. Another ingredient that I find strange intersting is the maple sugar. I have no idea why they would put sugar in a facial toner, but I do know that it has some weird effect on my skin. As explained in the review for my Alverde toner with algae there is a strange feeling of sticky and sugary that these toners leave on the face. And now I think we found the culprit in the presence of this maple syrup. I do not feel my face really clean, squickly fresh or purified, as I would need for my mixed skin with problems. As for the long term effects, I have  a very difficult skin with many problems, and I did not see any improvements from using the Alverde Face Tonic with pink clay. And the product is actually for blemished skin.

The product, even if it has a and Vegan certification, and costs around 2,5 euros, didn’t really convince me. It doesn’t offer that freshness sensation that I look for in a toner, and I’m not going to buy it again.


Alverde Mattifying Cream with Pearls

This cream, which belongs to the “Aqua” range, is destined to normal to mixed skin. Alverde presents it as a 3 in 1 product: mattifying, moisturising and beautifying (??) of the complexion.

Now let’s see is it does at least one of the three 😉 Ok, I’m being bad now, it does perform pretty well actually.

The cream is very good at mattifying in my opinion, I use it as a base for the foundation usually, and it keeps the oil away from my skin for a whole stressful day, taking into account that without a base I’m shiny as a Christmas tree within an hour from applying the foundation.

It has a nice milky and deep smell, which doesn’t go away too fast either. Don’t expect it to have a pearly shade because it looks like your average cream, maybe just the smell leads me thinking of a pearl, in a strange way.

I think it does hydrate the skin too, but not so much. My skin even if mixed, is sensitive and sometimes becomes very dry and this cream is definitely not sufficiently rehydrating. Apart from that, I do not know what they meant by this skin improving (beautifying)… I do not see any effect of the sort.

The price is 2,5 euros and the cream holds the BDIH certification.

I do not use the Alverde Mattifying Cream regularly as a hydrating product, but I do warmly recommend you to apply it before the foundation if you have a mixed skin! It will work, trust me! 🙂

Why do I like Alverde?

Alverde is one of the few brands on Earth that I am really enthusiastic about! I discovered it only one year ago and since then I have been the best consumer ever 🙂
I think I have purchased an average of one product per week, which leads us to a total of around 50 pieces of Alverde thingies I own or have owned recently.
Now, I have serious reasons for liking Alverde, it’s not just pure dumb enthusiasm: I like the fact that they do not advertise, I think this is one of the reasons why they can offer such incredibly good prices.
I like the ingredients, I am very happy with the natural certifications and I am really fond of the natural smells, that sometimes are not so flashy and appealing, but that is nature and it works for me.
I like the diversity of the Alverde products, of course more would be more than welcome…
I really like the make-up, ’cause you can not see so cheap BDIH certified make-up elsewhere, for sure!
I like the fact that sometimes they blew it. Some of their products are just not working. Ok, I can accept that.
I loove the Limited Editions. Are there any other brands that launch Limited Editions so often? And I enjoy the fact that one type of product will be available for just a tiny amount of time.
I like the fact that it is a modest brand. There’s no much fuss about it, no million euros invested in advertising.
Of course, I love the ingredients and the feeling of purity of the products.
And what I enjoy most is that Alverde surprises me every time I try a new product of theirs!

Alverde Washing Emulsion with Calendula

This is a very delicate face washing  emulsion, fit to persons who do not have problems with their complexion and want a silky wash.

The texture is nice but a bit too liquidy, I think. It cleans the make up pretty well, there’s not much left of the foundation or eye shadow after washing my face with this Alverde emulsion. Mixed with water, the product goes away very quickly and I don’t get to rub the face really well, maybe I should apply more.

Unfortunately it does not clean very well my stubborn Alverde Mascara, which I reviewed some days ago. When having the mascara on, some light black circles remain around my eyes and I have to insist with some almond oil afterwards to get rid of all the residue.

This washing lotion with Calendula is for any type of skin and this shows because it does not clean profoundly my greasy and clogged pores. On the other hand it doesn’t say it would, so we can not blame it 🙂 I use it with a face brush anyway, that does the trick and the face stays really clean.

The smell is also delicate, creamy and not strong at all, just a bit of Calendula and a bit milky.

This product does an average job in cleaning the make-up and I would recommend it to a normal to sensitive skin, because it is not very powerful.

It holds the BDIH certification and it contains alcohol, listed very high actually, third on the ingredients’ list. Awkwardly enough, there is no smell of alcohol in the product and no dryness of the skin afterwards, so it must be really well-balanced by the other ingredients.

I would rate it an 7,50/10. If this is good enough for you to pay 1,5 euros, then I recommend it! 🙂

Alverde Hand Cream with Cranberry and Vitamins

Ok, this right here is a veery strange product. I’ve had this hand cream about one year ago, I don’t know where it finished and I’m not very keen on looking for it, either. If I remember well it was a Limited edition so I’m not sure whether you will see it in the DM stores again.

This is among the few Alverde products where you notice that it is made of natural ingredients, the results and application experience sometimes have to suffer and the BDIH certification doesn’t count so much anymore..

Its texture is very liquidy and the cranberry smell is really strong. Apart from that it has alcohol!! amid the ingredients, which is incomprehensible to me for  a hand cream. I also remember that the alcohol was listed second on the ingredients list, so the alcohol content is really high; maybe the alcohol also enhances the smell and that is why it was so disturbingly strong.

In addition to this it had some hard particles as if it were a scrub, which I do not see the purpose of… After applying the cream there were some white marks on the skin, and as  much as the cream was watery, it penetrated the skin really slowly leaving them a bit sticky for some good 10-20 minutes.

I have to mention the good parts too, the cream was really good at hydration and treating my cracked and dry hands, after applying it  a few times.
I was really generous and patient with this cream, but it didn’t really work! 🙂

Alverde facial toner with marine algae

This is another BDIH certified Alverde product that I own. It also has another certification, the Vegan one, which means that all the ingredients of the product come from veggie origins. 🙂

It’s a facial liquid of the colour of tea, or some natural concoction, and on the bottom of the bottle you can even see tiny fragments of plants, which is kind of cute, I think. Ah, and these bits occasionally get on your pads, just so you know 🙂

Anyway, it smells like plants too, and it contains mainly vegetal things and alcohol. The alcohol comes in handy this time, as it is a facial toner for mixed-oily skins.

Now, about the effect on sebuum excess. Well, there’s no much of an effect. It cleans the skin momentaneously, but I didn’t see much improving on the long-term. And I do have a mixed skin with problems.

Another feeling that I get when using this product is… hard to explain, like there is some sugar in it too. It dries pretty slowly and leaves the skin… not feeling so fresh. This must also be because it is natural and made of plants.

Anyway, taking my personal case, the last months, since using onlyAlverde products and respecting the clean-tone-hydrate trinity, I have seen some improvements in my facial activity. That is less zits and black dots, a clearer skin. Therefore I do recommend it, under the reserve of the above mentioned.

You can find it in the DM shops around Europe for 1,5 euros.

Alverde make-up remover cream with wildrose

This creamy make-up remover has a cool delicate rose smell that stays on your face for quite a while, unless you use some other products afterwards. I generally like it pretty much, I think it does a good job in cleaning the make-up, buuut… there are some downsides with it, as with almost all products. It contains alcohol, and after cleaning the face, it leaves it a bit dry, as if it were a 2-in-1 make-up remover and facial tonic. This is quite bad for the eyes too, because I don’t feel it on the spot, but it can’t be too good to rub your eyes with alcohol every day. Not to mention the fact that it is supposed to be meant for sensitive skin.

I find it a bit weird that they had to introduce alcohol in it, but it might be because being a natural product, they couldn’t add any chemical preservatives.

It does well in cleaning the mascara and the whole lot of foundation I use. It has BDIH certification, and you can find it for about 2 euros in all the DM stores in Europe.

It’s a good product taking into account the price/quality ratio, but bear in mind the alcohol and slight dryness if you want to use it!