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Alverde Men Deodorant Spray

Hi everybody!

Today we have a very special review, and it is special for several reasons: first –  it is a men’s product. But do not worry, I will not give you irrelevant information, since another reason why today’s review is special, is because it is a double one. Mine and my boyfriend’s opinion about the product. This might sound strange but sometimes I use men’s products, I see no reasons why not… Especially the natural ones which are not really that different, just maybe stronger. In this particular case I thought stronger is even better but…

Let’s start with the basic info: never has a natural deodorant worked for me, as for my man this is the first natural deodorant he has ever used. I do not know why, but our opinions on this Alverde deodorant are totally opposite 🙂

So, my boyfriend loves the product! He has already purchased two or three of them and says he will go on. Even if he is working outdoors all day long, he is sporty and his daily activities are pretty demanding, he says that he feels no  awkward sweat smells and feels dry all day long. He is very happy with this deodorant and I am very happy too, that he is finally starting to use and like “greener” cosmetics.

As far as I have experienced, this deodorant is not efficient. It makes me sweat and … sorry… the smell is not great either. I do not understand what is it with me and natural deodorants, it seems they stimulate my sweat glands and make them even more active. Ok, I do not want to get yucky here, but this product unfortunately doesn’t work for me. It also had the bad luck of being used in pretty stressful days, but I do not give it much credit anyway.

Among the ingredients you can find mint, lemon and ginseng and when applying it the smell is fresh but a bit rough. The deodorant has a pump and it is not under pressure, being friendly to the ozone layer.

It has 75 ml, it has the and Vegan certification and it costs around 3 euros.

I am really undecided whether to recommend it or not, I guess for some people it works and for others it doesn’t.

If you want a natural, Aluminium free deodorant, feel free to try it and maybe let me know of your opinion! No matter if you are male or female 😉